Yet Another Stream!

Yes, yes, I know. It seems that nowadays there are streamers a plenty, why add one more to the mix?

I’m not sure why other broadcasters get into video game streaming but I am plunging into it because for one, I love to play video games. And two, because of my acting I’m already on the spotlight so I naturally view it as an extension sharing a personal aspect of myself and engaging with viewers in a different form. I’ve always wanted to create my own content also. This includes short films, web series, etc,. and for that I need some experience editing footage. In addition to, I can appeal more to those who also love horror like I do and share some conversations regarding the latest horror buzz or classics.

My gaming style is analytical. I like to play to learn and learn to play. I tend to be more on the tactical side but once I’m comfortable a bit of run an gun can be fun. As I learn and find the most efficient way of executing game plays I will also be adding tutorials to share the knowledge.

Stay tuned and feel free to give me any feedback!


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