Cosplay: Ghostface (Scream)

The Ghostface costume is a horror look that has certainly made its mark in horror movies history. Scream is arguably one of the greatest classic horror films, which makes Ghostface, the main antagonist’s outfit a very iconic costume.

The costume itself might not seem like much at a first glance, but the scariest thing about this costume is that it truly hides every part of the person underneath, even down to their voice. It’s a simple costume as all you will need is a jagged black cloak, a Ghostface mask, gloves, a fake knife, and a voice changer (if you want to play the part) but the outcome is really worth it!

I put this cosplay costume together for the launch of Dead by Daylight’s Ghostface Chapter killer. Here is what I used to create my look:

“Scream” Mask & Robe

While looking around I noticed the best bang for my buck is the already bundled mask & robe set. This is pretty close to the source material; great mask and breathable light fabric. It comes in One Size and a Plus Size.

Killer’s Knife

The killer’s knife looks quite detailed and I honestly couldn’t find a fake or rubber knife that looks exactly like it. The official licensed knives would work okay for what I needed them for (stream cosplay) but I have plans to update them with a light paint job. You have two options, the plain knife or the blood effect knife.

The plain knife is the officially licensed knife and while it will do okay to get the job done to complete your look I opted for the bloody knife by FunWorld. It resembles the screen knife more plus it already has the blood effect to it for about the same price.

And if for whatever reason you want to get the real deal knife maybe for a display case then you can find it below but it’s not cheap:

Black Gloves

The gloves in the movie are sewn into the robe itself, to prevent any slippage of the skin. Here are some black gloves that work with the costume, you can keep them as is and possibly use them for other looks or go the extra mile and sew them into the robe itself.

Black Boots

The shoes Ghostface uses are black worn leather boots. You can get a pair of these and they can be used for several other costumes in the slasher genre.

You can get cheap worn leather boots at any thrift store and it’ll save you distressing work.

Walmart has some very affordable new black boots that will fit any slasher costume and more for only $19.97!

I personally have some black tactical boots already that I got for another costume build so I’m using them for this build also.