Twitch Channel Updates!

Channel Points = Blood Points

Let’s start off with Channel Points. Twitch introduced a new feature for viewers to be rewarded with custom points for Twitch channels. For the HorrorPapi channel we are now rewarding Blood Points! As you watch you will receive Blood Points (multiplier if you’re a sub) which you can use to redeem for some cool interactions.

Currently we have a total of 13 rewards you can redeem with Blood Points, make sure to check them out. I may adjust the values or rewards in the future as I evaluate them. All rewards have a cool custom emote that pops up of some of your favorite horror killer icons.

Chat Commands

I did a command overhaul and with Dead by Daylight now being the main game I also introduced a new category just for it and condensed all other gameplay commands to a ‘shooters’ category.

  • Updated Commands – These are not new commands but I updated them to include the latest information:

    – !birthday !halloween !fridaythe13th !movies !wip !tweet !survivors !killers !subemotes !wife !missed
  • Changed Commands – These commands I renamed:

    – !drop -> !fortnitedrop
  • New Commands – These are brand new commands I introduced to the DaddyMichaeMyers bot:

    – !666 !murderitude !movienight !age !artist !gfx !graphics !gf !girlfriend !links !wishlist !switch !audio !dbd !deadbydaylight !archives !killer !killers !rankreset !survivor !survivors !fogwhisperer !oni !ptb !rank !shrine !strangerthings !fortnitedrop !johnwick !backseat !no !emotes !host !cringe !whiff !whiffed

For a full list of commands and descriptions check out the Commands list.

Twitch Panels

Additionally, while I was updating all these things I went ahead and got the twitch panels up to date. I was thinking of removing some but I’ll just leave them up for the folks who don’t mind reading some more.

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