Channel Commands Update

Today we have an update to the live broadcast chat bot and with that we have some new commands and features.

Scare Alerts

Up first, introducing the new Scare Alerts! You will now be able to activate 3 tiers of jump scares while I’m live streaming a game by either tipping platform currency or by tipping cash. You can view all the tiers by typing either !scarealerts or !jumpscare in Twitch chat.

Sound Effects

With the addition of Scare Alerts, I also added free sound effect alerts any viewer can use. These include from custom sounds created just for the stream, popular horror sounds and meme sounds. You can view the current available sound effects by typing !soundfx in Twitch chat. All sound alerts have a 15 min cool down time from last usage.

For a full list of all -> Chat Commands


While I was on a sound editing spree, I also took the liberty of modifying some of the on screen live alerts. Since these aren’t triggered by viewers directly, you all can see them when they pop up on the next live stream!


All productions were on hiatus while this whole pandemic spread throughout our country. Slowly and with new safety guidelines in place, productions are coming back and that means castings are coming back as well. As of last night, I started to submit for castings again and already have my first audition to send off! While the procedures appear to be different now, I’m as excited as ever to get started on working again. I miss being on set!

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