Cosplay: Michael Myers (Halloween)

Having voices in your head can definitely screw you up. Especially if they continue to tell you to kill your family. That’s what happened to Michael Myers. His obsession with killing off his entire family has led to the death of at least 80 people throughout the Halloween franchise.

Depending on which specific Halloween movie you’re trying to build your cosplay around then the Michael Myers design varies. The knife, the mask and even the coveralls.


The coveralls Michael originally wore, contrary to popular belief, are not blue. The film used a great deal of blue lighting, so many audiences thought that Michael was wearing blue coveralls. However, if you look at the scene where Michael runs into Tommy’s tormentors, you will notice that the coveralls take on more of a greyish green color. I personally got these charcoal coveralls to match the 70s Michael Myers more.

As the sequels (H4-H5) went by, they became a dark navy blue. In Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, the coveralls used were grey.

In Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later, the coveralls used were charcoal colored Red Kap CT10 Men’s Twill Action Backs. Halloween: Resurrection also used charcoal colored Red Kap coveralls. In the remakes (2007-09) were brown. In the new sequel, Halloween (2018), the coveralls were navy blue Workrite Coveralls. While I don’t have the navy coveralls yet, I do plan to acquire them to remain true to the look for the 2018 Michael Myers.


Michael’s most iconic outfit piece is his scary, emotionless, white mask and this is also where it greatly varies from the original film to the 2018 rendition. Your mask choice will be personal preference. I will link you to some affordable options including the one I bought for myself.

Halloween II mask is pretty much like the classic mask except the neck portion isn’t white but rather a tan skin color. This is a great option if you want the classic look since the original masks are expensive to find. You can leave as is or paint the neckline white to retrofit the 70s mask.

Halloween 2018 mask is my personal favorite. It is a blend of the classic mask with a great deal of wear & aging added to it. This is the mask I bought for the look I use and I love it! I do plan on getting a classic mask eventually.

Halloween 4 mask looks like the classic but still some folks favorite.

Halloween 7 mask

Halloween Rob Zombie mask

The Kitchen Knife

His signature killing weapon is the kitchen knife. There are a few variations you can choose from and they all look quite well.

This first option is the knife I personally own, it has a black handle, thing rubber blade and it already has some bloody and distressed effects on it.

This second knife option is from Trick or Treat Studios and it’s a detailed clean knife. Yes, it’s still a prop as real as it looks.

Talk about details! This knife has them both, great blood detail and realistic looking knife.

Black Boots

The shoes Michael Myers uses are black worn leather boots. You can get a pair of these and they can be used for several other costumes in the slasher genre.

You can get cheap worn leather boots at any thrift store and it’ll save you distressing work.

Walmart has some very affordable new black boots that will fit any slasher costume and more for only $19.97!

I personally have some black tactical boots already that I got for another costume build so I’m using them for this build also.

The shirt that James Jude Courtney wears under his coverall in Halloween for his role as Michael Myers is a simple blue heathered shirt. The Gold Toe crew neck t-shirt seems to be a pretty close match. Any solid dark charcoal or navy t-shirt you own already can also work.