Fortnite v.6.21 Leaked Skins

Fortnite has arrived with a new patch today in addition to challenge rotation for week 6, and there’s a whole lot of stuff being extracted from the data as we speak. The army of leakers who dissects this stuff has already found a new, giant treasure trove of cosmetics that should be heading to the store shortly, with at least one skin already live right now.

We are mostly moving past the Halloween theme now that we’re in November, and some players will be enthused to see that at least a pair of these appear to be Borderlands-inspired, or at least generically post-apocalyptic at worst, which is pretty cool. There’s only one new legendary in the bunch, meaning many of these are pretty affordable compared to other recent releases.

So, what do we have in the leaked cosmetics collection for Fortnite patch update v6.21?

Shogun (Legendary)

This one strikes me as sort of strange because we already had a male and female samurai costume earlier, and this is just…another, more advanced one? The best part about this skin in my opinion is the pickaxe and glider which are naturally, sold separately.


Flapjackie (Epic)

Here’s a rather weird pair of skins that are kind of like the onesies we’ve seen before, but the guy version at least is super weird. The girl version is yet another bunny-inspired costume, making this what, the third female bunny outfit? Didn’t we just get one like a week ago? Kind of weird.


Growler (Epic)

I told you this was weird. I’m not exactly sure what Epic was going for with this set, but they are sufficiently strange, I suppose. Seems like something that kind of got lost on the concept art page, but whatever.

Spooky Team Leader (Epic)

It wouldn’t be a skin leak without some sort of team leader skin, and this is our last true Halloween skin, it seems. That may be why Spooky is live in the store right now, just a day after actual Halloween here. Get here while she’s here before she turns into the next Ghoul Trooper. Speaking of, where the hell is Ghoul Trooper?

Yee-Haw! (Epic)

The female companion to my least favorite skin in the season 6 battle pass. I guess I just don’t find this as funny as most people, but oh well.

Mayhem (Rare)

Here’s the pair that are getting into Borderlands territory, and for my money, they’re some of the best rare level skins I’ve seen in the game so far. I really love these two and will be getting both for (relatively) cheap.

Ruckus (Rare)

I mean, come on, is this not the most Borderlands looking skin you’ve ever seen. This is one haircut away from just being a straight up Psycho from that series. Fantastic.

Instinct (Rare)

This is more like what I’d normally expect from a rare skin, just a sort of generic Covert Ops take that is fine, but nothing special.

Reflex (Rare)

And here’s the guy version which is even less exciting.

Junkjet (Epic)

The skins might be rare, but the Borderlands glider is epic. Not my favorite, but not bad either.

Kabuto (Rare)

In contrast, the legendary skin’s glider is rare, and is pretty fantastic if you ask me.

Pivot (Rare)

A generic glider for our generic rare skins.

Poofy Parasail (Rare)

Here’s the glider for our very weird animal friends.

Splinterstrike (Rare)

The Borderlands axe is pretty badass looking, I have to say.

Jawblade (Rare)

I mean this may be one of the coolest axes in the game, so that’s a must-purchase for me.

Jackspammer (Common)

Dog-rabbit axe I suppose.

Angular Axe (Common)

What a name.

Back Blings

I think you can probably match all of these up with their respective owners. That googly-eyed Cube is “Lil’ Kev” which you will unlock through a set of challenges coming up sometime soon. Hilarious.

Which of these are you going to purchase in the next few weeks?

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