Fortnitemare Update! v.6.20 Brings New Skins, Gliders, Ghouls & More!

Fortnite is getting into the Halloween spirit with the addition of undead opponents to its popular battle royale mode, marking a major moment in the game mode’s history where players can fight computer-generated enemies.

A trailer for the mode, seen below, showcases the demonic ghouls in action. [Note: The Verge’s team spent 10 minutes trying to determine if the fiends in question are actually zombies. We couldn’t come to a conclusion.] Players will have to defeat the monstrous-looking opponents that were birthed from Cube Fragments that appear on the map. Killing the undead will result in loot for players, and they’ll appear sporadically throughout matches.

These evil beings are the biggest addition to the game’s Halloween event, referred to by Epic Games as “Fortnitemares.” Epic Games has disabled Fortnitemares for the time being, however, as it investigates “issues with matchmaking,” according to a tweet from the official Fortnite account. Players also reported 15-minute wait times when trying to access Fortnitemares.

Here’s a quick topline look at the main changes introduced today in the official Fortnite 6.20 Patch Notes, starting with a poem:

Come one and all, are you ready for some scares? Then join us this season during Fortnitemares!

New weapons and Heroes are soon to arrive. Will they be enough to help you survive?

Approaching now is a fun new sound, and all new surprises await in Playground.

But that’s not all, there’s plenty more. So join us next week to see what v6.20 has in store!

Fortnitemares (Battle Royale & Save the World)
Explore all of the tasty treats, exciting appearances, and new looks!

It turns out that Cube Fragments spawn monsters, which come in multiple different types.

Large Cube Fragments can be found near corrupted areas of the island, while Small Cube Fragments are created randomly throughout the match.

Six Shooter (Battle Royale)
Do ya feel lucky, partner? Show off your gunslinger skills with the new Six Shooter (Revolver makeover).

Glider Redeploy (Battle Royale)
Glider Redeploy is currently available in all game modes! Help us test this feature and fly high above the competition.

New Playground Items (Battle Royale)
Man your stations! A new pirate ship minigame and other fun additions are now available in Playground as well as changes to the Spiky Stadium.

New Mythic Soldier (Save the World)
Quickdraw Calamity arrives to Save the World! Defeat Husks and rescue survivors with this brand new Hero!

Save the World 50% Off Sale (Save the World)
Level up with your friends and lead the world’s remaining Heroes in the fight to save humanity and take back the world.


With Fortnite update 6.20 available to download right now, Fortnite dataminers have been given a glimpse at some of the new outfits coming to Battle Royale.

Revealed by Two Epic Buddies, there are a couple of Dia De Los Muertos skins that are incredibly detailed and beautiful. Dante is a skeleton matador, potentially coming back from the dead after pissing off a bull who really wanted a Victory Royale. Rosa is in her best neon-covered dress, which could to prove to be impractical with all the running you do in Fortnite.

Deadfire is the coolest skin of the bunch. Over the past week, it’s been slowly leaked by Epic Games, and now we know exactly what this skin is going to look like. He starts off as a normal-looking cowboy but the more damage you inflict to players and cube monsters, the cooler he gets. In his final form, he’s covered in green flames and looks like a perfect agent for destruction. You can currently buy this skin on the Item Shop for 2,000 V-Bucks.

There’s also a new bundle headed our way. The Summit Striker skin was found with a back bling and V-Bucks icon, which is how the other Starter Packs have been found in the game’s code. The last Starter Pack went live in August, allowing users to become a knight with the Ace skin. That was only available for a few weeks, and players who have wanted a skin and V-Bucks have had to buy one or the other. A new Starter Pack would alleviate some of that pressure (it helps that the skin looks pretty cool).

Additional skins added are Patch Patroller, Braniac and an upcoming Frostbite skin.

Needless to say, fans can also pick up a host of new items, including Halloween-themed Backbling, Gliders and Harvesting Tools. The Pumpkin Launcher also makes a return.

There’s no official release dates for the skins, but leaks are typically available within two weeks of being discovered.

However, with Halloween creeping ever closer, you can expect these particular skins to release before October 31.

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