Fortnite Datamine Reveals That Thanos Could Be Returning to Battle Royale

If you aren’t already having fun trying out the new airplanes and season seven map, it’s possible you’ll have another new activity to do soon. Dataminers have recently uncovered files that point to a possible return of Thanos to Fortnite Battle Royale. This would be an epic return since the villain’s limited but powerful incorporation back in May earlier this year.

Popular Fortnite leaks Twitter FBR_News recently tweeted out an update regarding files in the game. Apparently, dataminers have noticed that Epic Games has just recently updated the files for Thanos. His image files and model files are exactly the same as earlier this year. However, there was one thing that was updated and that was the name files.

Fortnite Thanos Leak Details

This has led players to believe that Thanos will be coming back to Fortnite in some way. Thankfully, though, this certainly could be the case. Outside of the datamining, there are other details that could hint towards the Avengers villain’s return. The Avengers 4 trailer was released today. The timing of everything definitely lends a lot of credence to the purple villain returning to Battle Royale in some way.

In addition, at The Game Awards 2018, the two Russo brothers directing the Avengers movie made an appearance and made a Thanos joke. 
“Originally, there were 10 nominees in this category, but then they asked us to present this award, and now,” Joe Russo said, snapping his fingers, “there are only five.” The Russo brothers were coincidentally the presenters for Best Ongoing Game, awarded to Fortnite and Epic Games’ Donald Mustard.

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