Is live! It took several days but we had to declutter our Twitch Chat. We had 3 simultaneous chat bots running and it was just too messy, we had to call in some help. Introducing, DaddyMichaelMyers, who is now our new and improved chat bot.

We took the best of the best from the other now defunct bots as a base and then built them up from there. We have a broad range of new chat commands and will always be adding or modifying more as needed. Head on over to our Twitch Chat Commands page for the full list.

In addition to the new chat bot, we have also rebranded all of the HorrorPapi channels for a newer and cleaner look. Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram all got a nice Michael Myers Makeover. We have removed the stream broadcasts from this website in order to match the Twitch only streams.

We have several updates in the works! And by we I mean HorrorPapi and his family as we tend to brainstorm together. Check out what’s to come below:

  • New: SoundFX Commands
  • New: Scare Tips Alerts
  • New: Sub Perk – Monthly Raffle / Free Subscription
  • New: Dead by Daylight Cosplays
  • New: YouTube Game Content

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